Out with the old and in with the new! Welcome to the new and improved website for The Friendly Beers! Please keep in mind that the website is still far from being 100% complete and some of the site may still be filler content. Enjoy!!

About the band

Members: Alex Tulp (Guitar & Vocals), Anthony Tulp (Guitar & Vocals), Rob Lombardi (Bass), Steve Bolin (Drums)
Bio: The Friendly Beers give you each of their hearts every single time you see them on a stage. Music with blues, rock, pop and jazz influences as well as soul mixed in there too. Hailing from the 1063 house on the East Side of Saint Paul, you are guarunteed a quality time and a great show with these boys. Come out to a show for music that you won't find anywhere else, a hug, a beer, and maybe even a kiss from Rob. It won't be long til you just can't get enough.
Keep it Friendly ya'll!